Magnetic Zen Garden Box Set



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  • Real Wooden Box, Real Metal & Wood Tools, 1.5lbs High Purity Magnetic Sand, Magnets
  • Magnetic Sand Interacts with Magnets (4 Magnets Included) and 3 Metal & Wood Tools
  • Perfect for Magnetic Science and Children Education
  • Box Dimensions: 10-3/5",  8-3/5" , 2-3/4"
  • Use this set to have fun with and learn about magnets and magnetism

    Magnetic Zen gardens are a relaxing escape right on your desk. Drawing little circles in the magnetic sand. Placing the rocks. 
    Leveling the sand and starting again. Except one day you came in and your little rake was gone. That makes it challenging to be zen.

    This magnetic sand set combines natural magnetic sand together with 2 magnets and three 3 real metal & wood tools.
    Use this sand to have fun with and learn about magnets and magnetism. 


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