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🎉 100,000+ Happy Customers & Orders Shipped!

Barbell T Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine, Fits 2'' Olympic Bars Gym Attachment,360°Swivel,Great for Back and Leg Squat Exercises

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  • FITS 2-INCH OLYMPIC BARS:★Designed with 9-inch long pivot bar sleeve & 5-inch long base post to fit 2-inch Olympic bars and weight plates.
  • FULL 360 DEGREE SWIVEL:★Full range swivel up & down for variety of exercises.Great for total body core workout:traps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs, hamstrings&much more.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN:★It is very suitable for small spaces such as living rooms and garages. With only a small space, you can get a full set of Olympic barbells without heavy cable machines or power racks, and without heavy weight.
  • HEAVY GAUGE STEEL CONSTRUCTION:★Pivot sleeve made of thick steel and base post of solid steel with Electrostatic Power Coating for overall secure attachment and durability.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE FOR USING:★You only need to insert an end of bar and weight plates (at least two or more weight plates, weight total > 25lbs) into the sleeves, then lift up the other end of bar with all of weight levels you can handle.


With a small piece of equipment,you can train the entire body.

Product Benefits:
Fits 2-inch Olympic bars
Versatile T-Bar Row Insert can be used to perform unilateral landmine exercises like squats,lunges,single-arm shoulder press,single leg deadlift,floor presses or compound movements such as squats & pivot presses and landmine squats&alternating presses&catches.
360 Degree Swivel
Full range of motion -swivel up&down for variety of exercises.Suitable for rotating training as it allows you to move forward & backward,side to side in a circular arc smoothly and effortlessly.
Powerful Steel Construction
Constructed of heavy duty steel make it durability and corrosion resistance. And it is easy to use.


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