Aryellys Deluxe Prank Kit Junior Edition Scary Jokes and Gags Bundle



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Have unstoppable fun with this amazing Aryellys Prank kit that comes in a Deluxe Box, Perfect Pranks for Kids, Teens, and Even Adults! This joke set includes: a rubber snake that looks so real it appears to move! A set of cockroaches that is sure to give a fright to anyone! Two disappearing inks and a fake nuts jar that when you opened it makes a sound and a large worm pops out! A box of crazy flavors jelly belly with flavors like dead fish, rotten eggs, stinky socks, moldy cheese, boogers and more! A wind up rat that runs around making everyone jump, a hand buzzer and a chewing gum for a snap! A sound making machine with 20 studio quality sound effects like whoopee, mosquito, syfy, burp and a lot more! A syringe pen with moving liquid inside that looks like real medicine, an ice cream cone that pops out and hits people on the face, A huge spider that sticks to the wall and move the legs as it goes down! The face when you push the button on the back. A pop up happy face pen,  Play hilarious practical jokes, be the king of pranks and the life of the party. Great for parties, birthday, gifts, school or work.



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