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  • This Amazing Set Includes: (1) SILLY STRAW, Get ready to drink your juice and soda in extra crazy style with our Silly Straws. Kids will love watching their beverages move up the twists and turns of these colorful silly straws while they sip. (1) 2 SIDED MAZE, Kids and adults can't resist our amazing maze cube! Twists, turns, traps and more make completing this maze a nonstop adventure. (1) RAINBOW COIL SPRING, This colorful, plastic coil continues to be a constant entertainer as it stretches like an accordion, bounces, and walks down steps one end at a time and comes alive in a child's hands, while making a classic Slinky sound. (1) CLAKER, Get rhythm. These miniature clackers make super-fun noisemakers with a little shake and rattle. (1) BIG AND (2) MINI STICKY HANDS, Spin 'em, slap 'em & stick 'em! These classic toys are perfect for grabbing things and trowing to the walls or even the ceiling! (1) JOINTED SNAKE, Move this snake around in your hands to create all kinds of slithery smooth S-shapes. With some imagination, it might just look like a real snake. (1) MINI PLAYING CARDS, in acrylic box.  (1) SLIDE PUZZLE,  Test your brain skills with slide puzzle games. Instead of collecting and finding traditional puzzle pieces, test your skills with the difficult format of puzzle gaming. The puzzle is fixed in a frame and only one piece can be moved at a time. And when you move a piece, it also changes the position of the others, (1) HAND CLAPPER, Clap your heart out without tiring out your hands! Give your biggest round of applause and really make some noise with these fun plastic clappers(1) SET OF PLAY MONEY, (2) SPINNING TOPS, Give it a whirl for some mesmerizing visual effects! This spinning tops features a variety of laser-like designs. (1) KNIT FOOTBAG, these woven kickballs provide a vividly colorful game of sack. (2) MINI GAME AND PUZZLE BOOKS, this game books are designed to develop skills in concentration and mental deduction. Most of all, they provide fun and education simultaneously. (1) TRIANGLE WATER GAME, this water game provides recreational opportunities to improve hand-eye coordination while having fun. Press the buttons to elevate the triangles toward the targets. (1) BENDABLE COWBOY, twists and contorts with ease. (1) FLYING HELICOPTER, place helicopter in launcher and lift over your head. Now you’re ready to pull the cord and launch your helicopter skyward. (1) MARBLE VINYL BALL, an ultra-cool twist on an old school classic. This bouncy ball features a variety of marble prints. (1) PACK OF MARBLES, a time-honored game providing hours of competitive amusement. This colorful marble set includes 14 marbles and one shooter. (1) WATER PISTOL, You get a clear view of your liquid ammunition with the translucent chamber. (3) PARACHUTERS, These hard plastic figures reach happy landings when you release the rubber band, activating the parachute. (2) DINOSAUR BUBBLE BOTTLES, this bubble bottles features dinosaurs in a variety of colors. (1) STRETCHY MEN, you will be surprised how long they can stretch. Also sticky the stretchy men can stick to glass, or other smooth surfaces. (1) STICKY MAN, these sticky figures tumble down a wall like a mountain climber scales down a mountain. Throw one against a wall and watch it do its amazing thing. It’s sticky, slimy, rubbery, and most of all fun. (2) AIRPLANES, kids love to build them as much as the love flying them.  (25) DINOSAUR FIGURES (20) SOLDIER FIGURES, these classic toy soldiers let your child's imagination and sense of adventure run wild. (1)  MINI SHUTTLE PEN NECKLACE, five different ink colors in one pen. Push lever down to select color. Fabric twine necklace.
  • PLAY TOGETHER: Get everyone involved in the fun! Kids and adults alike can join in for a great time. Spend some quality time with just you and the kids, or invite family over for a classic game night.
  • Remember the days when playing a game was a hands-on experience and didn’t require the use of a screen? These Nostalgic puzzles, games and toys will take you back to the days of yesteryear.

  • This activity kit includes a nice variety of colorful toys and vintage games that children & adults alike will enjoy. Some ideas for the use of this fun package include: A birthday gift or Christmas present. A busy box for a road trip or travel. Premium Birthday party favors, goody bag fillers, or party game prizes. School teacher class supplies, rewards, incentives & giveaways for students. Christmas stocking stuffers or Easter basket fillers. Great sensory, tactile and fidget items for a child or adult with Autism, ADD or ADHD. Items for a prize box or treasure chest.

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