Fascinations Metal Earth Star Trek Kinglon Vor'cha 3D Metal Model Kit

Metal Earth


The Metal Earth Star Trek models are amazingly detailed etched models that are fun and satisfying to assemble. Each model starts out as 4 inch square metal sheets and you simply pop out the pieces using wire cutters and follow the included directions to assemble your model. The Klingon Vor'cha attack cruiser is one of the largest and most powerful mainstays of the Klingon Defense Forces during the mid to late 24th century. The model is 4.25x3x1.75 when assembled. Difficulty level: Moderate. No glue or solder needed.
  • Gift Envelope Includes - Unassembled Model – Easy to Follow Instructions
  • From Steel Sheets to Museum Quality 3D Model
  • Assembled Size 4.25x3x1.75 inches
  • No Glue or Solder Needed

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