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🎉 100,000+ Happy Customers & Orders Shipped!

Magic Decision Maker Magnetic Swing Ball Pendulum Black

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  • This Magic Decision Maker is the novelty toy that anyone can get advice from it. There are six options(yes, maybe, definitely, no way, try again and ask a friend). So much fun!
  • Fun and entertaining. You can find the answer by an interesting way. 
  • It’s the fastest way to seek advice! Some decisions are small like deciding whether to eat out today or not, others are more consequential.
  • This Executive Decision Maker is the perfect gift for those who have indecisive moments.
  • Add a fun diversion to you work space with this Decision Maker. It highlights your high quality of life and shows your high taste. The simple and elegant design of this Pendulum Ball Toy is an ideal decoration for home or office.
  • an Aliens Poop Original Product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


kids are facinated with it

cute toy for a kid (or an adult ) who likes cute novelties

Meredith M
This is a fun, silly gadget that looks cute on a desk

This is a fun, silly gadget that looks cute on a desk. It actually works pretty well to give different answers for different questions by way of the magnet. The base is plastic and I had expected it to be metal.

Changed my life!

If you are anything like me, then you struggle with the daily plight of making difficult decisions. Some decisions are small like deciding whether to eat out today or not (Ask a Friend), others are more consequential, like deciding whether to break up with your girlfriend or not (Definitely). BUT ever since I bought the Magnetic Decision Maker, my life has become infinitely simpler and just better overall. Now the stresses of making life decisions, no matter how big or small, are a thing of the past!

No longer do I have to debate if I should accept a specific job offer (Try Again) or if I should finally pursue my lifelong dream of owning a convertible Porche (Yes). I have even started taking the Decision Maker with me when I go out. Now when I go out to a bar and want to talk to a cute girl, I no longer have to work up the courage or wonder if it’s a good idea. I simply ask the Decision Maker if I should ask this girl if she wants to take a ride in my new Porche Boxster (No Way)! In summation, GET THIS PRDUCT! It will literally change (and control) your life and allow you to finally say goodbye to the tedium that is free will!